Your way to a Portuguese passport has never been easier! The expulsion of Spain and Portugal took place some 500 years ago, and to rectify the historical injustice, Spain and Portugal enacted a moving law in March 2015. The list of surnames of Spanish expellees is the basis for a law that allows the receipt of a Portuguese passport and a Spanish passport. There are millions of descendants of Spanish and Portuguese emigrants, and many of them will seek European citizenship in the next few years, we are helping them reach the desired European passport

We are an international company that specialises in naturalisation processes for Portuguese Nationality. Naturalisation is the legal act by which a non-citizen in a country may acquire citizenship or nationality of that country. We work with customers all around the word and would be happy to help you gain your Portuguese Nationality. We work with local Portuguese lawyers who are highly professional and experienced in their field.If you interested in using our services please leave yours details in the link below.Welcome To Europe !

Why do you need to have a Portuguese Citizenship?

Buying real estate in Europe

You can purchase real estate in Europe directly and be eligible for tax benefits:
Buying an apartment in Portugal.
Buying an apartment in Spain.

Academic Studies

You can exercise the right to study in institutions of higher education in EU countries. Portuguese passport grants study rights in universities in Portugal. A Spanish passport also gives you the same rights to study in Spain.

Europe is opening the door for you!

Portuguese citizenship gives you European rights like:
Working in Europe, learning in Europe in all of Schengen Area and enjoy the social conditions of Europe! The new law is, in fact, an easy and secure way to obtain EU citizenship and enjoy European passport rights!

Medical Insurance

As a citizen of the European Union with a Portuguese passport, you can issue the European Insurance Card (EHIC). In case of illness while in one of the countries of the Union, you will have the right to medical treatment that can not wait for your return to home state.

Visas and permits around the world

As a Portuguese citizen, you can receive relief from the issuance of permits and visas, including from countries in the world with which the EU has an agreement.

Entrance to the United States without a visa

You can get a tourist visa to the United States without having to pass through the embassy, which requires registration only through ESTA. You can also participate in the routes that facilitate the issuance of work visas and stay in the United States.

Portuguese Passport with Easy Nationality:

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Portuguese Passport the price:

9800 ₪ includes all expenses in one payment
* Prices can slightly vary by Euro rate.
* There is a possibility to pay in installments.

Portuguese Passport with Easy Nationality:

Our personal and professional service and close ties with the European communities, as well as overseas legal aid, will provide you with a healthy and comfortable basis for obtaining citizenship, as well as speeding up the process of fulfilling the desired Portuguese passport dream.
The advantages of issuing a Portuguese passport, of course, lie in the fact that Portuguese citizenship is your cornerstone for more natural tourism, study abroad, and perhaps even exciting relocation.
Portugal is at the top of the list of countries to retire in and even grants many rights to Portuguese citizens.
Of course, Portugal is part of the European Union officially since 1986 and is included in the European space called “Schengen space”